25.12.2016. National show "Olimp", Moscow, Russia

judge: Vladimir A. Aleksandrov


Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu CH/EXC1, CAC, BOB


10.12.2016. International show "Helsinki Winner 2016", Helsinki, Finland

judge: Igor Selimovic (Croatia) 31TM

Sharnima Dharani Ramzey first in open class and 3rd BEST MALE

Sharnima Chingiz third in champion class and 4thBEST MALE

Angelina Azzaria Ch Miracle third in champion class


11.12.2016. International show "Voittaja Winner", Helsinki, Finland
judge: Karl-Erik Johansson (Sweden) 43TM


Sharnima Dharani Ramzey first in open class and 4th BEST MALE

Angelina Azzaria Ch Miracle EXC

Sharnima Chingiz VG


4.12.2016. National show Liepaja, Latvia
judge: Luiz Fernando Ribas Silva (Brazil)
Sharnima Freya JUN/EXC1, PP, JCAC, BF1, BOO!

Sharnima Dorje Rigpa INT/EXC1, CQ, BM2


Big congrats to owners, especially to Liene for Freya's first JCAC!!!


3.12.2016. National show Liepaja, Latvia
judge: J. Matejcic (Croatia)
Angelina Azzaria Ch Miracle CH/EXC1, CQ, BF1, BOB!!!


We are so happy about our dear Jolly as this was first show after two-year break!  


Fifa's first show!!! Big congrats to Hana & Fifa with nice result!


12.11.2016. IDS "Baltic Winner 2016", 29TM

judge: Ramune Kazlauskaite (Lithuania)

Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan EXC1, CQ, BF2, RCACIB

Sharnima Chingiz EXC3, CQ, BM3


05. & 06.11.2016 International show Tartu, Estonia

judges: 5.11. J. Gajewski (Poland)   

            6.11. D. Degryze (Belgium)


Sharnima Dharani Ramzey  2x OPEN/EXC1, CQ, BM2, RCACIB!
Congrats to owners!!


Big congrats to Frederick and his owners with great final in puppy class! Puppy BOB in age of 8 month! Hurray! 


16.10.2016 National show "Vidzeme cup 2016" Valmiera, Latvia

judge: Boguslaw Chmiel (Poland)


Sharnima Frederick (Huangdi & Padme) Very Promising, PP, Puppy BOB!


And again we can be very proud of our Austrian boy Char-can! 3 shows in one weekend and Char-can is new Hungarian Champion! Big congrats to owner Michaela!!!


7.-9.10.2016 International show  Komarom, Hungary

Sharnima Char-can Günga  Nima


7.10. judge: Knut Aigurd Wilberg EXC1, CAC, CACIB, BOO

8.10. judge: Bela Siklosi EXC1, CAC, CACIB, BOO & Cruft's Qualification

9.10. judge: Dagmar Klein  EXC1, CAC, CACIB, BOB!!!


2.10.2016 Club show  Molossoid day

judge: Magdalena Kozlowska (Poland)


Sharnima Dorje Rigpa  -   EXC1, CQ, Best male, Club Winner, BOO!

Chenporewa Princess Padme Sharnima-EXC2, CQ, Best female2


1.&2.10.2016 International show  Tulln, Austria

judge: 1.10.  Andreas Schemel (Austria); 2.10. Erika Homonnai (Austria)


Sharnima Char-can Günga  Nima   2xCAC, 2xCACIB, 2xBOB 

Middle East Europian Winner 2016 & Federal Winner 2016  & Crufts Qualification! 

Big congrats Michaela un Charcan!!!


Very happy for excellent dysplasia tests of Sharnima dogs!!!

Sharnima Dorje Rigpa HD:AA  ED:00

(Petro Prestige Orsu x Angelina Azzaria Ch Miracle)


Sharnima Empress Emiko HD:AA  ED:01

(LadFantong of Long Cheng Kennel x Chenporewa Princess Padme Sharnima) 


10.&11.09.2016 International show Minsk, Belorussia

Sharnima Dharani Ramzey - 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, 2xBOB & new BELORUSSIAN CHAMPION!!!


4.9.2016. International show Bialystok/Wasilkov, Poland 15TM

judge: Wyacheslav Werbitskij (Belorussia)

Sharnima Chin Shi Huangdi EXC1, CAC, CACIB, Best male, BOB & PL CH!!!

Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan EXC1, CAC, CACIB, Best female, BOO & PL CH!!!


4.09.2016 National show in Trbovlje, Slovenia

judge: Katja Rozman (Slovenia)


Sharnima Charcan Günga  Nima - EXC1, CAC, BOB!



17.& 18.07.2016 Show news from Latvia, Russia & Austria! Congrats to all Sharnima dogs!


CAC show Ogre, Latvia, judge: I. Pablaka (LV)

Sharnima Frederick  - BABY BOB!

Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan  -  BF1 & BOO!

Sharnima Chin Shi Huangdi  -  BM2


CACIB show Oberwart, Austria judge: Erika Homonnai


Sharnima Char-can Günga Nima   CAC, CACIB & BOB!





Sharnima Dharani Ramzey - resClub Winner!


10.07.2016. International show Parnu, Estonia

judge: S. Hadjisavvas


Sharnima Chingiz CH/EXC1, CAC, CACIB, BM1, BOO, EST & BALT CH!

Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan CH/EXC1, CAC, RCACIB, BF2, EST & BALT CH!

Sharnima Empress Emiko JUN/EXC1, BF3, JuniorBOB! 



26.06.2016. WORLD DOG SHOW 2016, Moscow, Russia 223 TM!

judge: William Bill Shelton (USA)


Sharnima Dharani Ramzey   WORLD JUNIOR WINNER 2016!!!
(28 males in junior class)


judge: Richard Eichhorn (USA)


Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu   2nd place in open class (24 females in open class)

Thank you K. Meristo for photos! 


12.06.2016. Luige, Harjumaa, Estonia

judge: Anna Rogowska (Poland)


Sharnima Empress Emiko JUNIOR/EXC1, JUN SERT, BEST FEMALE 1, BOO Junior, BOO!!!

Emiko closed Estonia and BALTIC Champion!!!



28.-29.05.2016. International show Moletai, Lithuania

judges: 28.05. Mile Aleksoski

29.05. Pedro Sanches Delerue 



Sharnima Chin Shi Huangdi 2x OPEN/EXC1, CAC, RCACIB

Sharnima Dharani Ramzey 2x INTERMEDIA/EXC1, CAC


22.05.2016. LASTBMSAK Club Show - Molossoid day, Riga, Latvia

judge: Vladimir Mihaljcic, 17 TM




Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan CHAMPION/EXC1, CQ, BF2 


Very succesful show for our dogs! Huangdi close his Latvian Champion title and now he is also Estonian and Russian champion! But granny Tigra today become Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian and Baltic Veteran champion! She is first Tibetan mastiff in Latvia who gained this title! We are very proud about our dogs!

8.05.2016. National show, Talsi, Latvia

judge: V. Stiklius (Lithuania)


Sharnima Chin Shi Huangdi OPEN/EXC1, CQ, BM1, CAC, BOB, BIG-4! LV & EST & RUS CH!!!

Greip Ginger Cindi Cacer VET/EXC1, PP, VCAC, Best veteran, BF2! LV & EST & LT & BALT VETERAN CHAMPION!!!


7.05.2016 Moscow, Russia

judges: M. Tikhomirova & L. Kizina

Sharnima Dharani Ramzey - EXC, CW, CAC, RKF CH, BOB, BIG-1!!!
Big Congrats Natalija & Ramich!!!


7.05.2016. National show Moscow, Russia

judge: L. Nikitina (Russia)


Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu -  EXC1, CAC, BOB, BIG-2!!!





23.04.2016. ÖTH club show, Austria

judge: G. Ehrenreich (Austria)



Sharnima Char-Can Günga Nima - EXC1, CAC, BOB and Club Winner!!




16.& 17.04. 2xCACIB Maribor & Pohorje, Slovenia

judges: Leos Jancik (Czech) & Petra Junehall (Sweden)

Sharnima Char-Can Günga Nima 2x EXC1, 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, 2xBOB!!
 Congratulations Michaela & Charcan!!!


 27.03.2016. Tibet Dog Europe - Tibetan breeds speciality show, Estonia

judge: Bas Bosch, 94 Tibetan mastiffs!


Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu CH, EXC 1/9, CQ, CAC, Best female 1, BOO, SKAR-MO, Estonia CH!

Sharnima Chingiz OPEN, EXC 2/17, CQ, Best male 2, nominated for competition - Best head!

Sharnima Chin Shi Huangdi OPEN, EXC 3/17, CQ, nominated for competition - Best head!

Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan OPEN, EXC 4/9, CQ, nominated for competition - Best head!

Sharnima Empress Emiko JUN, EXC 4/16

Sharnima kennel BREEDER, EXC 2/4, PP

BOB-Dakotta Clab Rinchinsenge & BOO-Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu    (photo: Tibet dog Estonia)
BOB-Dakotta Clab Rinchinsenge & BOO-Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu (photo: Tibet dog Estonia)


 26.03.2016. Mastiff The Winner-Tibetan mastiff speciality show, Estonia

judge: Rob Douma,  88 Tibetan mastiffs!


Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan OPEN, EXC 2/8, CQ, Best Female 2

Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu CH, EXC 1/6, CQ, Best female 3

Sharnima Chingiz OPEN, EXC 4/14

Sharnima Chin Shi Huangdi  OPEN EXC 1/2 (blue and tan ring)

Sharnima Empress Emiko JUN, VG


Sharnima kennel EXC1/4 PP, BOB Breeder, BIS Breeder 2!!!

20.03.2016. Moscow, Russia


Sharnima Dharani Ramzey 2xJCAC, 2xBOB, 2xBIG-2, Junior BEST IN SHOW & Russian Junior Champion!!!
 Big congrats Ramich and Natalia!!!


2 x International show Riga, Latvia

19.03.2016 judge: J. Szczepanska-Korpetta (Poland)


Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu CH/EXC1, CQ, BF1, CAC, CACIB, BOO, Cruft's Qualification & Latvian Champion!

Sharnima Chingiz OPEN/EXC1, CQ, BM1, CACIB!

Sharnima Chin Shi Huangdi OPEN/EXC2, CQ, BM3


20.03.2016 judge: Z. Oleinikova (Ukraine)


Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu CH/EXC1, CQ, BF1, CACIB, BOO!

Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan OPEN/EXC1, CQ, BF3, CAC, Latvian & Lithuanian Champion!

Sharnima Chin Shi Huangdi OPEN/EXC1, CQ, BM2, CACIB

Sharnima Chingiz OPEN/EXC2, CQ, BM3

Sharnima Dorje Rigpa JUN/EXC3


Congratulations to all SHARNIMA dogs and their owners!




5.03.2016. International show Lithuania Winner 2016, Vilnius, Lithuania

judge: Sebastian Harnik (Poland)


Sharnima Chingiz OPEN/EXC1, CAC, CACIB, BOB &

 Lithuania Winner 2016, Lithuania Champion!!!


Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan OPEN/EXC2, RCACIB




6.03.2016. International show, Vilnius, Lithuania

judge: Irina Azen (Belorussia)


Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan OPEN/EXC1, CAC, CACIB, BOS!

Sharnima Chingiz OPEN/EXC2, RCACIB



3x CACIB Saint-Petersburg, Russia!

26.02.2016 International Show Belye Nochi-I,  judge: A. Belkin (Russia) 30 TM

27.02.2016 International Show Belye Nochi -II, judge: Lisbeth Mach (Switzerland) 41 TM

28.02.2016 International Show Baltic Triumph-2016, judge Maire Tonurist (Estonia) 37 TM


Sharnima Chin Shi Huangdi

26.02. EXC and 3rd place in open class
27.02. EXC and 2nd place in open class, RCAC



Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan
26.02.EXC and 2nd place in open class, RCAC

27.02. EXC and 2nd place in open class, RCAC

28.02. EXC and 3rd place in class




21.02. TM Speciality Show - Club Champion, Moscow, Russia

judge: Karel Horak (Czech) 60 TM


Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu Class Winner, Best Female2!

photo: Natalia Koroleva
photo: Natalia Koroleva



20. & 21.02. 2x Nationa show Valmiera, Latvia

20.02. Valmiera's Winner 2016, judge: Petra Junehall (Sweden), 13 dogs

21.02.  Valmiera's Cup 2016, judge: Regina Vaitkunskiene (Lithuania), 14 dogs



Sharnima Dorje Rigpa 2xJUN/EXC1, 2xPP, 2x JCAC, 2xBM1, 2x BOB, Valmieras Junior Winner'16BIG-5!!!
Sharnima Empress Emiko 2xJUN/EXC1, 2xPP, 2xJCAC, 2xBF1, 2xBOO, Valmieras's Junior Winner'16!!

Greip Ginger Cindi Cacer 2xVET/EXC, 2xPP, 2xVCAC, BF3 & BF4, Valmiera's Veteran Winner'16! 

Now Dorje and Emiko are Latvian Junior Champions!!! 


21.02. Sharnima Chingiz EXC1, CQ, BM3, CAC and  Latvian Champion!!!

06.02. International Show Tallinn Winter Cup, Estonia
judge: Angel Garach Domech (Spain) 19 TM


Sharnima Chin Shi Huangdi   OPEN/EXC1, BM1, CAC, CACIB, BOB!

News from Moscow! Jolly's daughter Odri successfully started show season! Well done Odri!

23.01. Nacionālā izstāde Maskavā, Krievija

eksperti: šķirnē L. Sokolova  /  grupā S. Reshetnikova


Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu -  CAC, BOB, BIG4!




17.01.2016. 2 x National show Moscow, Russia

judges: T. Borovkina & O. Gorbachevskiy




Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu



Congrats Aleksandra and Odri!

Great start of show season 2016!

10.01. National show Tartu, Estonia 14 dogs

judge: Anna Kochan (Poland)

 Sharnima Dorje Rigpa JUN/EXC1, CQ, Best male 1, BOB Junior, BOB!!!

 Sharnima Empress Emiko JUN/EXC2, CQ, Best female 3 


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