Year 2017

"Astes" magazine article about Tibetan mastiffs!


Fantastic show results of our beloved Sharnima Fi-Fa (Huangdi & Padme)!



4.11.2017 International dog show Prague, Czech, 36TM

judge: Polgar Andras-  CH/EXC1, CAC, CACIB, BOS!



23.11.2017 National dog show Zakrzow, Poland

judge: M. Lewandowski- EXC1, CAC, Best female, BOB! 



10.12.2017 International Dog Show Nitra, Slovakia





Congratulations to Bubbledog kennel...!!!

We was so proud to participate in worlds biggest dog show in Leipzig, Germany and extremely happy with amazing results!


12.11.2017 - 153! Tibetan Mastiff's

judge: Barbara Muller 

junior&veteran judge: Luis Catalan


Angelina Azzaria Ch Miracle (Foo Sunadri x Greip Ginger Cindi Cacer)EXC1/3, VCAC, Best Veteran of Breed,


  Sharnima Dharani Ramzey (Petro Prestige Orsu x Angelina Azzaria Ch Miracle) EXC1/19, VDH-CAC, Winner of Open class!

Sharnima Fi-Fa (Sharnima Chin Shi Huangdi x Cenporewa Princess Padme Sharnima) EXC3/16, 3rd place in champion class

Sharnima Chingiz (Petro Prestige Orsu x Angelina Azzaria Ch Miracle) EXC in champion class

Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan (Petro Prestige Orsu x Angelina Azzaria Ch Miracle) EXC in champion class


BIG congrats to all owners!!! Thanks for photos Kaire Meristo!


8.11.2017 German Winner 2017, 27 TM

judge: Bo Skalin (Sweden)

Angelina Azzaria Ch Miracle VET/EXC1, VCAC, Best Veteran of Breed, German Veteran Winner 2017!
Sharnima Chingiz CH/EXC3



8.10.2017 International dog show, Ceske Budejovice, Czech

judge: Zoia Oleinikova



Sharnima Fi-Fa




Big congrats Hana & Fifa with wonderful result!


30.09.2017 International dog show Riga's Winner 2017, Latvia

judge: Brigita Kremser


Sharnima Chingiz CH/EXC1, CQ, Best male 1, CACIB, BOB & Riga's Winner 2017, and now INTERCHAMPION!!!

Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan CH/EXC1, CQ, Best female 1, CACIB, BOO & Riga's Winner 2017

Chenporewa Princess Padme Sharnima OPEN/EXC1, CQ, Best female 2, RCACIB

photo: Petra Shneiderova
photo: Petra Shneiderova




24.09.2017 National Show Brno, Czech, 25 TM

judge: Gabriela Ridarčikova



Sharnima Fi-Fa

(Sharnima Chin Shi Huangdi X Chenporewa Princess Padme Sharnima)


EXC1, CAC, National Winner & BOB!!!


23.09.2017 International dog show Tallinn, Estonia

judge: I. Selimovic

Sharnima Dharani Ramzey EXC1, Best male, CACIB, BOB!!! 


17.09.2017. Speciality show II group, Dubultmuiza, Latvia

judge: K.Kondratovica (Latvia)

Sharnima Frederick INT/EXC1, CQ, Best male 1, BOB!

Sharnima Empress Emiko CH/EXC1, CQ, Best female 1, BOO!




22.07.2017 Tibetan Mastiff Speciality show, Podolsk, RUS

judge: Marina Ostrovskaya


Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu




Big congrats to Odri, Sasha and especially  to proud handler ;)



15.07.2017. Ogres National Show, Latvia

judge: Beata Petkeviča (Latvia)



Sharnima Dharani Ramzey

(Petro Prestige Orsu x Angelina Azzaria Ch Miracle)


EXC1, CQ, CAC, Best male1, BOO, Latvian champion!


Big congrats to Ramich and his owner Natalia!



17.06.2017 Club dog show KCHMPP

judge: Miodrag Mile Nikic



Sharnima Fi-Fa 

(Sharnima Chin Shi Huangdi x Chenporewa Princess Padme Sharnima)


 JUN/EXC1, CAJC, Club Young Winner!



Congrats Fi-Fa, Hana and Bubbledog... kennel! 


10.06.2017 Latvian Winner 2017

judge: Livija Zizevske (Lithuania)


Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan CH/EXC1, CQ, Best Female1, CACIB, BOO, Latvian Winner 2017

Angelina Azzaria Ch Miracle VET/EXC1, CQ, Best female2, Latvian Veteran Winner, shortlisted in Veteran BIS


04.06.2017 Tibetan mastiff speciality show, Estonia

judges: Luis Gorjao Henriques (Portugal) & Rafael Paulino Escar Tabuena (Spain)


Sharnima Gem Grace BABY/2


Sharnima Cersei Heise LAN CH/EXC2, CQ, BF2 & special prize-BEST HEAD

Angelina Azzaria CH Miracle VET/EXC1, CQ, BEST VETERAN, special prize-BEST COAT & BEST IN SHOW VETERAN!


03.06.2017 Estonian Winner 2017

judge: Lisbet Utke Ramsing (Denmark)


Sharnima Gem Grace BABY/1, PP, BOS BABY!

Sharnima Dorje Rigpa CH/EXC1, CQ, Best male3

Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan CH/EXC

Angelina Azzaria Ch Miracle VET/EXC1, CQ, BF3, Best Veteran, VetCERT, ESTONIA VETERAN CHAMPION & shortlisted in veteranBIS!


20.05.2017  II group show, Latvia


Angelina Azzaria Ch Miracle  VET/EXC1, CQ, Best female1, Best Veteran, BOB, Veteran Best In Show 2, Best in Show 2!

Sharnima Frederick JUN/EXC1, PP, JCAC, Best male1, BOO, Latvian Junior Champion!

Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan CH/EXC1, CQ, Best female 2



14.05.2017. National show "Reto Trophy 2017


judge: Ozan Belkis


Angelina Azzaria Ch Miracle


EXC1, CQ, Best Female1, Best Veteran, BOB, BEST IN GROUP 4!  


7.05.2017: 2 speciality shows in Latvia.  Sharnima Frederick (Sharnima Chin Shi Huangdi x Chenporewa Princess Padme Sharnima)


judge: Ligita Zaķe (LV) EXC1, PP, JCAC, Best male1, BOB!

judge: Beata Petkeviča (LV) EXC1, PP, JCAC, Best male2 



Our amazing Jolly (Foo Sundari x Greip Ginger Cindi Cacer 'Tigra') made for us a huge surprise!



29.-30.04.2017 National dog show, Talsi, Latvia


 Angelina Azzaria Ch Miracle


29.04.2017 judge: Ratibor Cekič Rale

VET/EXC1, PP, Best veteran, Best female, BOB, BIG-5, Veteran BIS 5!

30.04.2017 judge: Galina Pozniakova

VET/EXC1, PP, Best veteran, Best female, BOB, BIG-2,



Wonderful news from Huangdi and Padme daughter Fi-Fa!

Congratulations Hana, Radim and Fi-Fa!!! We are very proud!



Just one weekend and we have new champions of three coutries!


Sharnima Dharani Ramzey

25.03. FIN, Lahti, judge: Johan Juslin - CACIB, BOB, BIG 4, FIN CH

26.03. EST, Narva, judge: Joao Vasco Pocas  - CACIB, BOB, BIG 2, EST CH


Sharnima Dorje Rigpa

25.03. LT, Siauliai, judge: Pero Bozhinovski - BOB, BIG 3, LT CH



BIG congrats Ramich & Natalija & Dorje Rigpa &  Guntis & Sandra!!! 


6.03.2017 CACIB Graz, Austria

judge: Skok-Lamut Darja (Slovenia)


Sharnima Char-can Günga Nima EXC, CAC, CACIB, BOB!!!
Congratulations Michaela and Charcan!


26.02.2017 CACIB "Baltic Triumph" SaintPeterburg, Russia

Sharnima Dharani Ramzey CAC, CACIB, BOB!!!
BIG congrats Ramich and Natalija!



One year old Huangdi and Padme daughter Fi-Fa at CACIB show Brno (CZ)  became BEST JUNIOR in II GROUP!! Amazing win! Big congrats Fi-Fa, Hana & Radim!  At 3.02.2017 our F litter celebrate 1st Birthday, it was a wonderful present for Fi-Fa! 

Sharnima Fi-Fa


  "G" litter (Dodžas & Emiko) is born! More info here...

Successful weekend for Sharnima dogs! We are so happy for both boys! 
21.01.2017 National show in Daugavpils (LV) Sharnima Dorje Rigpa - OPEN/EXC1, CQ, BM1, CAC, BOB & Latvian Champion!

22.01.2017 Speciality show in Russia Sharnima Dharani Ramzey - EXC, CLASS WINNER & CLUB CHAMPION!

Big congrats  Dorje & Gunti & Sandra, Ramich & Natalija! 

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