5.12.  National show, Liepaja, Latvia

judge: Levente Mikloš (Hungary)  6 dogs

Sharnima Dorje Rigpa JUN/EXC1, PP, JCAC, Best male1, BOO!

Sharnima Empress Emiko JUN/EXC2, PP


Big Congrats Guntis & Sandra for Dorje first JCAC and BOO!

Sharnima Dorje Rigpa
Sharnima Dorje Rigpa







28.&29.11. 2xCACIB Zagreb, Croatia



Sharnima Char-can Günga Nima


28.11. judge: Zlatko Kraljic    EXC1, CAC, CACIB & BOS!

29.11. judge: Ekaterina Senashenko    EXC1, CAC, CACIB & BOB!!!


Char-can now is Croatia Champion! Big congrats Char-can and Michaela!!!


14.11. "Riga's Winner 2015", Riga, Latvia  

judge: Zoran Brankovich  15 dogs


Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan INT/ EXC1, CQ, Best female2, RCACIB
Sharnima Empress Emiko JUN/EXC1, PP, JCAC, Best female3, Riga's Junior Winner 2015

Sharnima Dorje Rigpa JUN/ EXC2

Sharnima Chingiz OPEN/EXC1, CQ, Best male4

Sharnima Chin Shi Huangdi INT/EXC1


15.11. Russia


Another good news from Russia! Sharnima Dharani Ramzey 'Ramich' (Orsu & Jolly)  for the first time was in junior class! His results are amazing!!!
2xBOB, 2x BIG-1, JuniorBIS-2 & BEST IN SHOW!!!

Big congrats Natalia we are so proud of this young and promising boy!

photo: Natalia Koroleva
photo: Natalia Koroleva


Great news from Russia!
Our young and beautiful star Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu 'Odri' (daughter of Orsu and Jolly) won intermedia class at one of biggest dog shows in Russia! Week later she became BOB in National show!

Congrats Alexandra and Odri! We are very proud!



1.11.2015. Russia-2

judge: Benoit Thevenon (France)





7.11.2015. National show "Elegia-Prestige", Russia

judge: M. Ostrovskaya (Russia)


CAC & BOB!!!

Chenporewa Princess Padme Sharnima show achievements! 

 3 weekends, 3 countries and  4 champion titles! Bravo Padme!


4.10. Siauliai, Lithuania, judge O. Rodionov ->EXC1, LT CAC, N, BOB and LITHUANIA CHAMPION!

10.10. Valmiera, Latvia, judge V. Avtuško  -> EXC1, CQ, BF1, BOO!

18.10. Rakvere, Estonia, judge P. Roosenboom -> EXC1, SK, BF2, EST CAC, ESTONIA and BALTIC CHAMPION!


3.10. Molossoid day, Riga, Latvia, 7 dogs

judge: H. Tonkson (Estonia)  


Sharnima Dorje Rigpa PUPPY/VP1, PP, BOB Puppy & Best in Show PUPPY!!!

Sharnima Chingiz INT/EXC1, CQ, BM1, Club Winner, BOB & Best in Show 3!!!

Sharnima Empress Emiko PUPPY/VP1, PP, BOO Puppy!

Chenporewa Princess Padme Sharnima OPEN/EXC1 CQ, BF2, CAC 


Today Padme close her LATVIAN CHAMPION title! Well done Princess! 

Big congrats to Dorje un Chingiz owners and thank you all for nice company! 


 Sharnima Char-can Günga  Nima  Achievements!



27.09. Austria CACIB show, judge: E. Jochen -> EXC1, CAC, CACIB & BOB!!!

26.09. Austria CACIB show, judge: Erika Homonnai -> EXC1, CAC

30.08. Slovenia CAC show, judge: Sinisa Cujan -> EXC1, CAC

12.07. Austria CACIB show, judge: M.L. Doppelreiter -> EXC1, CAC, CACIB & BOB!!!

11.07. Hungary CACIB show, judge: Viera Staviarska ->  EXC1, CAC, R.CACIB!


Congrats to Char-can and his owner Michaela Panzenbock kennel Günga Nima... for such a great results!

We are very happy and proud of you!


27.06. "Latvian Winner 2015" Riga, Latvia

judge: Nina Kharatishvili (Russia)

 Sharnima Chingiz   JUN/EXC1, PP, Best male 2, Latvian Junior Winner'15

Sharnima Chin Shi Huangdi   INT/EXC 1, CQ, Best male 3, R.CACIB

Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan   INT/EXC2, CQ, Best female 2, R.CACIB



7.06. Minsk, Belorussia 

judge: Borges Manuel Loreiro

Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu     INT/EXC1, CAC, Best Female 1, CACIB, BOO & Belorussian Champion!



30.05.  OTH Club Show

judge: Gyula Sarkozy (Hungary)

  Sharnima Char-can Günga  Nima    JUN/EXC1, Best Junior, Club Junior Winner!!!


We are very proud of  Sharnima dog's achievements! 





22. & 23.05 San Marino


Sharnima Char-can Günga Nima


22.05. judge: Zaur Agabeyili - JUN/EXC1, Best Junior & BOB!!


23.05. judge: Enrico Drudi - JUN/EXC1, Best Junior,

Crufts Qualification and  San Marino Junior Champion!!!


Big Congrats Michaela & Charcan!!!




17.05. Russia

judge: N. Sedyh (Russia)


Sharnima Dharani Ramzey - Very promising, Best Baby, Baby BEST IN SHOW 2!


First time in show ring and first victory! What a successful debut for little Ramzey!  Big congratulations to owner Natalia! Thanks to handler Liza! We are so proud about you!!!


New CHAMPIONS in our kennel! Chingiz and Dara now are Estonian Junior Champions! Jolly can be very proud about her puppies!


16.05. Tibetan mastiff speciality show, Tallinn, Estonia

judge: Astrid Lundava (Estonia)


Sharnima Chingiz - JUN/EXC2, CQ, JCAC, BM2 & EST JCH!! Special prize - BEST HEAD!! 
Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan - JUN/EXC1, CQ, JCAC, BF2 & BOO Junior & EST JCH!! Special prize - BEST MOVEMENT!!

10.05. CACIB show, Wieselburg, Austrija

judge: Mag. Maissen-Jarisch (Austria)

Sharnima Char-can Günga Nima - JUN/EXC1, JCAC, BOB!

And now Char-can is new Austria Junior Champion!!! Congratulations!


9. & 10.05. 2xCAC show, Latvia

judges: I. Mioc (Croatia) & N. Savicic (Serbia)

Sharnima Chin Shi Huangdi - 2x JUN/EXC1, 2xPP, 2xJCAC, 2xBM1, 1xBOO & 1xBOB!!!

And now Huangdi is new Latvian Junior Champion!!!

Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu
Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu


Successful  weekend for our kennel!

And again we have reason to be proud! Odri done excellent job in Russia show rings, but Chingiz enjoyed victorious moments here in Riga!

Big congratulations to our kennel progeny and their owners!!!


3.05. CACIB show, St. Petersburg, Russia


judge: Wilfried Peper (Germany)

Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu - CACIB & BOO & RKF CH!!! 


2.05. Moscow, Russia


Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu - 2xCAC, 2xBOB & RUS CH & RUS GRAND CH!!!

Sharnima Chingiz Best in Show Hans Van den Berg
Sharnima Chingiz


2.05. Mastiff day, Riga, Latvia

judge: Hans Van Der Berg 


Sharnima Chingiz - JUN/EXC1, PP, BM1, BOB!



Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan - JUN/EXC2, PP

Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan
Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan

Outstanding show weekend!!! Our wonderful co-owned boy Chingiz receive his last JCAC and close his Latvian & Lithuanian Junior Champion title. Dara get her first BOB!!!!

25.04. CAC show Talsi, Latvia, 9 dogs 

judge: Leoš Jančik (Czech) 

Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan - JUN/EXC1, PP, JCAC, BF1, BOB!!!

Sharnima Chingiz-JUN/EXC1, PP, JCAC, BM1, BOO & LV & LT JCH!


Unforgetable day! Our blue sweetheart Huangdi get JCAC & his first BOB!!! Dara receive last JCAC and close Latvian Junior Champion title!!!

 26.04. CAC show  Talsi, Latvia, 10 dogs

 judge: Oksana Gačina (Russia)


Sharnima Chin Shi HuangdiJUN/EXC1, PP, JCAC, BM1 & BOB!

Sharnima Chingiz - JUN/EXC2, PP

Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan - JUN/EXC1, PP, JCAC, BF1, BOO & LV JCH!!


The greatest surpise is our Russia girl Odri! She take part in two shows at one day and become BEST IN SHOW and Russian TM club Champion!

26.04. Tula, Russia

Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu

~CAC show - CAC, BOB, BIG1 & BIS1!!! 

~Russia TM club speciality show - Best female & Club Champion!


19.04. Show news from Slovenia & Lithuania!

Big congrats with nice results to SHARNIMA puppyowners!

Slovenia -  Sharnima Char-can  Günga Nima  JUN/EXC1, Best Junior, BOB!!!

Lithuania, Šiauliai - Sharnima Chingiz  JUN/EXC1, Junior Winner, BOB Junior, BOB!!!

Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan   JUN/EXC2

21.03. EURASIA - I, Moscow, Russia 

63 dogs/22 junior females

 judge: Carsten Birk  


 Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu   




Congratulations Alexandra & Odri with great success !!!

News from Austria! 



CACIB show, Graz, Austria

judge: Stefan Sinko

 Sharnima Char-can  Günga Nima




The best news ever! Char-can is free from dysplasia!

Oficial dysplasia results - HD:AA ED:00!!!


Congratulations Michaela & Char-can!!! We are very happy !


Great news from Belorussia!


28.02. & 01.03.2015  

2xCACIB show Minsk, Belorussia



Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu


Belorussian Junior Champion!


 Now Odri is Russian & Belorrusian & Russian Tibetan Mastiff club Junior Champion!!! Congratulations Aleksandra and Odri! 


21. & 22. February - "C" litter successful show weekend

We are very happy about our "children" successs. Chingiz started his show career and in first show became BOB! Elegant girl Cersei Heise Lan 'Dara' received her first JCAC but her sister Chianti Chang-Mu 'Odri' again BOB!!!  Very proud about  Sharnima dogs and their wonderful owners! 

Sharnima Chingiz & Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan
Sharnima Chingiz & Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan

22.02. CAC show Valmiera, Latvia, 13 dogs

Sharnima Chingiz - JUN/EXC1, PP, JCAC, BM1 & BOB!

Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan - JUN/EXC1, PP, JCAC, BF1 & BOO!



21.02. CAC show Valmiera, Latvia, 13 dogs


Sharnima Chingiz - JUN/EXC1, PP, JCAC, BM1 & BOB!

Sharnima Cersei Heise Lan - JUN/EXC4


22.02. Moscow, Russia

Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu JUN/EXC1, BF1 & BOB!

14.02. National Tibetan mastiff speciality show, Moscow, Russia

 63 dogs/17 junior females

 judge: Polina Simic  


 Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu   

Best Junior female & TM Club Junior Champion! 


Big congratulations Alexandra and Odri, we are very proud!!!


01.02. Tibetan mastiff speciality show, Tallinn, Estonia

judge: Calin Simu (Romania)  


Greip Ginger Cindi Cacer  Excellent 1st place in veteran class, CQ, VCAC, VBOO! 

Sharnima Chin Shi Huangdi -  Excellent, 1st place in junior class (color CAC-blue and tan) CQ, JCAC, 4th junior male 


31.01. Tibet Dog of Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia

judge: Anne Marie Class (France)  


 Greip Ginger Cindi Cacer  Excellent, 1st place in veteran class, CQ, VCAC, VBOO! 

Sharnima Chin Shi Huangdi -  Excellent, 3rd place in junior class, CQ

27 January was born our E litter! More info here...


23 January: Updated C puppies photogalleries Chingiz...  Chenpo Lama...  Congo...  Char-can...   Odri...  Dara...  Beta...

22 January: puppies 1st week gallery updated in D litter page...


21. January: Happy Birthday to our "C" puppies, today they are 1 year old!





18.01.2015 Moscow, Russia

judges: M. Ostrovskaja, BIG - R. Homasuridze


Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu JBOB, BOB, BIG3!


Big congratulations!!!


17 January 2015: Updated 2014 year show results...

Sharnima Chianti Chang-Mu now is a Russia Junior Champion! Big congratulations with wonderful results Aleksandra and Odri! And thank you for beautiful collage!


We have Tibetan mastiff puppies!!! More info here...

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